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The ethical principles of professional competence: diligence, objectivity and integrity has been the N E X S O of the professionals who this firm is composed of.

We are aware that quality, continuous training and innovation are essential to engage transparency and value to businesses and companies.

Forensic Audit & NEXSO, S.L. was established in 2015 by audit professionals, with over 25 years of experience, being in these moment integrated in audit companies considered the most important ones of Galicia (including multinational firms).

The result of this close collaboration, quality policies and continuous training, qualification and professional experience were the essential premises for the creation of an audit firm.

NEXSO has offices in A Coruña, Vigo and Ourense and maintains direct collaboration with professionals at national and international level.


Our mission is to provide to our customers –in the private and public sector- a service in which objectivity and transparency are obliged. To achieve this issue, we have to maintain a behavior according to ethical and independence requirements, bearing in mind in each moment that quality is the basis of our present and future as auditors.


Our vision is to become the leading audit firm in Galicia and Spain, and be able to compete with the large and medium firms based on maintaining high quality standards, ethics and independence.